[CMBN] Wim & Falaise Normandy Buildings


Falaise’s beautiful Normandy stone church skin overwrites the vanilla skin for the large church structures (not the small chapel). Wim’s skins are all additional, i.e., they do not overwrite either the vanilla skins or any other author’s building skin mod. By adding this collection you now have a much larger range of building skins that also look more correct for Normandy. Some of Wim’s reskins are further modifications of TAL’s beautiful work.

List of Authors of Building Reskins and Additional Skins:

Falaise: Normandy stone and Holland brick church reskins
PAT: Chapel reskin
Tanks a Lot (TAL): All independent houses, large and small barns and chapel)
Umlaut: Commercial building reskins and many additional skins
Wim (a.k.a. WimO or Kandu): independent houses and modular building additional skins.


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  1. It is highly recommended that you install these buildings if you are playing any of my (Kandu’s or WimO) scenarios or campaigns because they were created using these building skins. Also please install TAL’s buildings, PAT’s church and Umlaut’s commercial buildings for the same reason. If you are playing the huge and traffic painful Gruppe Bohm to Le Rocher on the Les Hauts Vents et Pont Hebert map, then the appropriate buildings will also show up, called by the scenario’s mod-tags.

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