CMBN Sounds Mod Small Arms Falling Cartridges

This mod represent the smalls Arms sounds in CMBN used by

Usa Britain Canadian Polish German.

Sounds Weapons Mod are based of weapons sounds from
others games because I made a mix of them I cannot tell you
exactly what come from where !!??
and in fact I think we don’t mind !!

I was trying to give an Immersion from smalls arms noise,
including extraction of cartridges, and a step by step shot, but
also a burst shooting !

I was watching more clips about smalls arms ww2 and have making this one,

some error are probably on, but I m not an expert from weapons and
be already satisfied with the result,my ears and my eyes are only the support that I had!

…this is why, if you detect some bugs, let me know !!

Hope will be usefull !!


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