Aris M18 Hellcat MG, By Aristoteles

**Only for CM Market Garden**

UNZIP/INSTALL “Aris M18 Hellcat MG” folder TO:

x:\Battlefront\Combat Mission Battle for Normandy\Data\Z

There is an optional folder that you may want to browse and install that has got 5 different alternative Splash Screens. I have not been able to rotate them randomly, the only one working being the one named as the stock one “splash background.bmp”, so choose the one you like, rename removing the number at the end and drop it to Z. I have got many more and I plan to upload a template for Photoshop users so that you can add your personalized pics.

I have too included a BRZ Spreadsheet I personally use when I want to know what and where each texture is in which Brz file.




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