Aris Panther A Late V2 By Aristoteles

One year and a half ago my modding “adventure” with CMx2 started. At that time all I had was, some brushes, Photoshop, lots of patience, some not-so-good ideas,…and time. I started with the vehicles I liked the most, that is, Panthers and Tigers. Now, after lots experimentation and errors, I took a look at my first mods and immediately thought I could easily improve them. So here you are, a Version 2 of my beloved Panther A Late with 4 decal options (decals look much better now too, I think) full of dirt, bullet holes, sand, mud, stains, discolored paint, rain drops marks,…and some other goodies barely noticeable except for those screenshot lovers out there. Enjoy.

Aris. 2012-12-25

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