CMBS: Ukrainian Ground Forces By Oleksandr

This is my biggest and final MM-14 camouflage MOD and it will be constantly updated every few months.

In the past I have done different thematic digital mods for Ukrainian side. Most of them were related to specific units.

This mod is different.

I’ve created this mod in order to cover Ukrainian Ground Forces in General.

The key here is that now your operations are not limited to a single unit.

Most of my work here was related to MM-14 digital pattern.

My goal was to adapt this camouflage to the in-game environment. After changing it a little towards most of the maps landscape I think I did not that bad.

Take a look on following screenshots

As you can see now Ukrainian soldiers are really camouflaged.

This will come in handy for those of you who like to make videos based on Combat Mission Games.

Your forces will now look camouflaged for real.

So far this mod will provide you with few helmets, uniform, gear, pateches, backpacks and boots.

In upcoming updates different types of uniform/gear/vests will be added.

I hope that you will enjoy your mod and that it will serve as a good base for your video content.

Good luck in your battles my friends, more stuff will come within time.

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