CMBS: Ukrainian BMP-2 V2 By Oleksandr

This is a new version of Digital Camouflaged BMP-2 for Ukrainian Side.

Digital camo pattern remains the same. Yet, nearly all details were reworked.

Turret was changed, many details were added and now it is not entirely covered in camouflage.

HD textures were added as well. Many turret details now visible.

Certain heraldic details were added/changed.

Each BMP now is less dirty. Yet, they are all covered in new textures of dust. Certain body details were highlighted. This is one of the reasons why I wasn’t updating my previous BMP-2 mod (some people like their IFVs being really dirty and some enjoying them being “factory new”). Now you have a choice of 3 possible variants: my 1st BMP is Factory New, my 2nd BMP is very dirty, and this one the 3rd one was made with HD textures, added details and changed heraldics.

New silhouettes were added as well:

This one is for standard BMP-2 – > 

This one is for HQ BMP-2K -> 

I hope that some of you will enjoy these changes, and will enjoy this mod.

Good luck in your battles comrades!

Glory to Ukraine!

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