CMBS: Ukrainian Day Skin Core Mod By Oleksandr

This mod will provide you with core (day but some of them will work at night battles as well) skins for all my Ukrainian mods.

This mod contains gloves, tactical goggles, face masks, and other details.

What is good about this mod is that those details are getting randomly mixed so that you can see those details in multiple variations.

One of my mods (very first one) “Mabuta-mk2 Varan camo” got its own skin folder. In order to use these skins you should delete that folder and put this mod into your “z” folder.

The reason why I’m posting this mod as a separate one is simple – while new Ukrainian Military mods will be coming out you will be able to have all of your soldiers equipped with these skins.

So basically its a universal thing – one mod what will work with all those mods what are already published and with those what are still in production.


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