CMCW : Vin’s Animated Text v1.00

Vin's Animated Text CMCW v1

I was debating keeping this "underground", but I made one CMCW so here it is. I will start it off, but when the next patch comes I may or may not update right away. At any rate you will be encouraged to keep the mod up to date yourself, or if someone makes a proper update please post here If you update. Please include both Heavy and Light versions.
The mod changes the soldier stat text to easier to read, and more interesting graphics to depict the various actions.
The mod has two styles; Heavy and Light. Heavy uses a graphic of an eye for spotting. Light retains the unimportant action as a word as a filter to make the graphic actions stand out more. Light is the default. To use Heavy cut "z" from front of one name and paste into front of folder name you want to use.
This mod MUST be updated with each patch to work properly. If your text in the game is becomes screwy then the mod is out of date. I say again this MOD MUST BE UPDATED WITH EACH PATCH
1. Go into the games "data" folder and COPY the v100c brz file, and paste it into the "input" folder in the "mod tools" folder. The double click Rezexploed to run. It will create a folder with the unpacked contents.
2. Go into the "Exploded" folder rezexploded unpacked the items in. In there you will see a folder named "text" in that folder you will find the games "string" text file. COPY it to keep original as back up.
3. Paste the copy of "string" text on desktop and open in Word Pad to unscramble. Save and close. Now re-open in notepad and put into find "soldier stat display" to get to where you need to paste the symbols from the animated text strings file into the new one.
4. Open "strings" text file in the animated text file, and put the same "soldier stat display" into find to get to the lines that have the actions.
5. Copy and paste the symbols from the old "string" text, and paste to replace words in the new "string" text. Always back up files first in case you make a mistake.
6. Find word "Leader", and change to caps to read **LEADER. Find Team Leader, and change to (single space)* TEAM LDR
7. Now take the new "string" text and replace the old one in the mods animated text version you want to use, and your up to date.

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