CMFI/GL/R2V French Force Goumiers Mod

Goumiers Mod for CMFI/GL/R2V French Force

June 17, 2020

This mod approximates Moroccan, Algerian and Tunisian Goumiers from France’s Army of Africa fighting
in the Free French Army in Italy 1943-45. This Readme is confined to discussion of the mod itself, but for
more information about the goumiers in WWII, here is a good starting point:
The mod is based on the Free French Army forces provided in Battlefront’s Rome to Victory module for
Combat Mission Fortress Italy, recently released by BFC. Specifically, it replaces the French greatcoat
uniform textures with an approximation of the goumiers “djellaba” (their iconic robe-like garment).
Because of this, the mod only works when using French forces which, at present, only appear in two of
the Rome to Victory scenarios. Don’t despair though, because by not using mod tags for this mod, you
are able to use it quite easily with Quick Battles. At a later time, I intend to expand this mod to include
US and British greatcoats as the basis for the djellaba, so that you can apply it to many other allied
BFC’s Rome to Victory module was a massive add-on to the original CMFI/Gustav Line game, with many,
many new formations, and new weather, geography, weapons and equipment. This did cause some
problems (lot, actually!) when making this mod.
No Mod Tags
I did not use any mod tags because if I had, you would have had to go into the editor and import tags for
each scenario and any QB map you wanted to use in order to for them to show up. Also, without mod
tags, you don’t have to worry about conflicts with the game’s own mod tags and under-the-hood
options, those that automatically apply certain textures based on various scenario factors like the date,
the weather and ground conditions.
I do plan to add tags in a later supplement, though, because they have the advantage of allowing you to
leave the mod in your “z” or mod folder and still use the default (or another mod’s) uniforms, weapons
and faces without conflict.
Options Provided
I’ve included the option to use either the “Regulation” djellaba, utilized more toward the latter part of
the war, or the “Tribal” djellaba, which offers more pattern variety. “Dusty” versions of each are also
included. The basis for the regulation djellaba comes from our fellow forumite Falaise, as do the
included kepi variants. (Sorry, Falaise, I messed with them a tad.)
There are also options for helmets, sandals, and some weapons because at various times during the war,
Goum units were supplied with British, French and US weapons and equipment.
How to use the Mods
After downloading the file, unzip it wherever it suits you. You will then see six General folders named:
Djellabas-no tags; Faces-no tags (skins); Falaise’s Kepis-no tags; Helmet Swaps-no tags; Sandals-no
tags; and Weapon Swaps-no tags. (I used “no-tags” in these titles to distinguish them from future
planned tagged versions.) All of these folders have other folders inside them (except Falaise’s Kepis).
These are the options you may choose to use in the game. You only have to copy the folder(s) of
whatever mod(s) you want to use in the game, and paste them to your “Mods” folder (or “z” folder if
you use one). The mod/z folder should be found in your PC at: This PC/Documents/Battlefront/Combat
Mission/Fortress Italy/User Data. (Sorry Mac users, you’re on your own here!)
Beware, though, that most of the mod options within the same General folder are mutually exclusive!
For example, there are four different Djellaba folders, one each for the regulation and tribal versions,
and one each for the dusty versions. Only one can be used at a time. The same goes for the faces
(bareheaded or turban), sandals (clean or dusty), and helmets (UK, US or French Adrian versions).
Note also that some of the weapons are mutually exclusive as well, but only those that use the same
base French weapon model. The folders are named with weapon you can add and the weapon model it
came from. [Folder examples– “m1918 bar (from fn-24-29)” and “bren (from fn-24-29)”.] So, the BAR
and Bren are mutually exclusive and can’t be used at the same time, because they both are based on the
FN 24/29. But you could use the M1 Garand with the Bren gun, for example, or the lee-enfield with the
sten, because they come form different base models.
There is an anomaly of sorts with the BAR. The French forces in the game apparently are given the BAR
in a percentage of their units, apparently related to the quality of equipment chosen by the scenario
designer or the game engine…or maybe they are always there. I’m not sure how it works, but the BAR
will often replace some squad FN24/29s. So if you pick the Bren mod, say, the FN’s will be replaced, but
a BAR or two may show up. (Whatever the reason for this, it cost me about two days of scratching my
head and trying many different ways to “fix” it, and of course, just before I was ready to release this
What’s not in the mod?
I did not mod/add any voices, although an enterprising individual might explore the Arab voices from
CMSF2. Your goumiers will be speaking French.
I did not modify the French vehicle crews, since the goumiers were almost exclusively infantry.
I also did not mod any gear (the French in the game use US gear anyway), but may do so with British
gear when I supplement this mod later.
How to use these mods with Quick Battles:
Even without mod tags, you will need to make specific choices when playing a Quick Battle in order to
have the mod show up.
• In the initial QB selection screen, choose the French Army and a Winter month (November through
March, inclusive).
• When you get to the Allied Purchase screen, look to the left bottom of the screen for “Appearance”
selector, and switch (click on the yellow arrow) from “Standard” to “Greatcoat”.
• Complete selection for the enemy, etc., and play!
Many thanks to Falaise for the regulation djellaba and the kepis, and for getting me jump started on this
long abandoned project from CMFI/GL days. And to Aragorn for his persistence and encouragement, as
well as Anonymous Jonze and others who were interested in this project.
Also, I think I may have used someone else’s BAR texture, and possibly a few UK and US helmets too.
It’s hard for me to tell because I tinkered so much with most of the textures in this game over the years.
For what it’s worth, I did alter everything that is used in this mod, but if you recognize the BAR or any
helmets as yours, please let me know and I’ll credit you.
Finally, thanks to the great folks at BFC for making the best tactical games in the world.

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