CMRT : Battle for Berlin v2.0

“Experience the Battle for Berlin in 1945 with these highly detailed CMRT maps created by Nigel Pye. Based on original aerial maps from 1945 with some artistic license, these maps allow you to fight amid the ruins of destroyed buildings and use the latest weapons from both sides. Immerse yourself in the greatest struggle of World War II for an hour or two. Note that some of the buildings are based on old photographs, while others still stand today. All buildings have entrances and windows to fire from, with a few exceptions where they have been removed for tactical purposes (e.g., you need to use sappers to blast through walls to enter). This is a work in progress, so please report any issues in the comments below. There will be at least one campaign coming soon, as well as new scenarios.

I have worked closely with several other modders on this project, including Rockin Harry, Lucky Strike, JM Stuff, Aris, and Battlefront. Harry contributed to research and development, especially with 3D Blender models, while Lucky Strike produced several 3D models and the industrial chimney factory, dug-in Panzer IV, steam train, and carriages. JM’s Wrecked Vehicle Mod was used on all maps, and I have modded many of the vehicles myself, with help from Aris’s Red Thunder Vehicles. Battlefront provided some of the original Berlin maps and those from the Battle Pack Master Maps, which I have adapted with my own buildings and terrain textures.

I hope you enjoy this mod and appreciate your feedback. Thank you for your support.

Nigel Pye”

Battle for Berlin V2.1

After feedback from the BF community I have updated and put right a few issues on some of the scenario maps including:

Set up of the forces was wrong on  some of the maps. Now fixed.

• Missing Axis troops. Now fixed.

• Mission Objectives missing on Kroll Opera House. Fixed.

• A map was missing completely called Assualt the Reichstag. Fixed.

• Plus some other minor issues fixed.

Put all these scenarios in your CMRT Scenarios Folder and click yes to replace.

If you note anything that looks wrong, please contact me and I will look into.

Thanks Spike (Warts and All) for all your help.

New scenarios coming soon. Thank you for your time.

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  1. hello. sorry for my english. a question abaut this mod. how i can install in the main game directory?. thanks for yours help.

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