Whitewashed Generic Barn – Suitable For Most CM Periods

This is a modded, whitewashed, weathered wooden barn based on the independent CMBS building Barn 201.

So it should be building201 (03).

If you put the folder in your DATA>Z folder it should be available for scenario creation.
It is suitable for anywhere and any period of Combat Mission where they have whitewashed barns.  I imagine that's most places.

It is in Standard Definition (if you like) so it will load quickly. I considered making it in HD (Like Kieme's Mods) 

but decided it was simpler this way and will not look out of place near existing buildings.

It is fully functional, men on foot can enter and shoot out, and it is destructible, as normal.

I am on the Battlefront forums as JulianJ so if you have any queries, please PM me.


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