CMRT (FR) Wrecked Vehicles Add Ons by JM Stuff

…this is my introduction for the X mas package :

Civilian veh Wreks (8)

Military veh wrecks (16)

You will be able to added some wrecks vehicles, from Neutral, Allied and Axes, to yours scénarios maps and campaigns, in complement of the existing ones already in the game, via the editor, the only thing that I cannot do is, that they are burning, but some are already burned.

I give you many choice view, and sometimes they are grouped of 2 vehicles so be aware to place them.

This first approach will be for the CMRT FR


Allied lend lease, civilian and Soviet, German vehicles.

I took the system of @Umlaut exemple, with Flavour Objects, (FO) and for my part, this works perfectly, thanks Dennis.

See for more infos and procedure, see a place on the forum JM s Corner link below
december 10 2021:´s-corner/page/15/#comment-1894266

Hope will be helpfull



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