CMRT Stalingrad MOD By NigelP And Umlaut

Stalingrad: Not One Step Back

This package transforms the CMRT default urban landscape into the bombed out wreckage of military legend. Please read the installation and design notes. Some important playing advice is included in the document. Also included is an introductory scenario with some brief historical information we found while completing the project. The Stalingrad MOD requires umlaut’s factory. Without this MOD you will not have the full effect of the urban environment.


NigelP and Umlaut

Stalingrad File 1 –

Stalingrad File 2 –

Stalingrad File 3 –

Stalingrad File 4 –

Umlauts Factory Mod –

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3 thoughts on “CMRT Stalingrad MOD By NigelP And Umlaut

  1. Bootie, is there a chance that you can get all the Stalingrad Mods to download? The first Mod download is working but the next 3 won’t, it’s probably a glitch just like the few GD Scenarios that you fixed last week, the Umlat’s Factory Mod isn’t downloadable either. Thank You very much, your CM IV and Scenario Depot Sites are Awesome, I Love It, Thanx again.

    1. Hi pal thats it fixed… it did actually work but you just had to paste them into your browser url. Have set up a click link so its easier. Thanks for the shout out.

      1. You sir are Awesome, you must spend as much time here just like I do. My skills on the computer are very limited as far as pasting and such, but when it comes to other game related issues I’m good to go, thanks Again

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