CMSF2 : MTP camo for the British Forces


This mod contains uniforms and gear in MTP camo for the British Forces in Shock Force 2. I have included “clean”, Dirty and Dusty versions of the uniform. Everything is in separate folders to make it easier to swap in and out of the game.

If you find any problems with these mods, contact me in the CMSF2 forum thread for this

I hope you enjoy them!


To use: Place folder(s) for the mod you want into your mod folder in (drive:)/Documents/CombatMission/ShockForce2/User Data

Note: I don’t use a separate mod folder in the User Data folder: I just dump all my mod folder(s) into the User Data folder and they work fine. But if you do use a “z” or mod folder, just drop them in there, they’ll work fine.

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