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FOG2...Epic Battles... Round Three... All Welcome... Sign-up!

Hi @poesel71
You need FOG2, which you have.
This rounds Epic battle you will need Age of Belisaurius.
Last round was won by Olaf... so he has chosen the above battle.
(each round being chosen by the winner, or runner up, until all have selected a battle.)
In each round you play both sides against different opponents.
That's it. Your welcome to join in … the more the merry...
Battle of Dara 530AD

Byzantine set-up

Game 1 Byzantine Vs Persian

@Jolly Olly vs mTk (Montanakid)

@Mad Mike vs Rico

@Wellsonian vs Alpha Zwo

@Badger73 vs poesel71

@olaf vs Nathangun

Game 2 Byzantine Vs Persian

@Rico vs Jolly Olly

@mTk (Montanakid) vs Badger73

@Alpha Zwo vs Mad Mike

@poesel71 vs olaf (schmolywar)

@Nathangun vs Wellsonian

(Note: Nelson1812 = Archie...…..mTk =Montanakid……...olaf=schmolywar)

Have Fun... good luck!
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@Badger73 Odd. Clicked all the right buttons, but my challenge for you is not showing up. Will keep at it.
Eventually the PW will be : FGM3
OK, it finally showed up. We're good to go.
I'm gonna need more arrows.

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Challenge posted for MTK.


Good luck and have fun!