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What's the difference? :whistleo:
Hmm, there seems to be a slight difference in meaning between English and German (at least that's what I get from Wikipedia). In English and also formerly in German 'Nemesis' means 'you get what you deserve'. In German that has shifted to 'your downfall'.
At least for our CM game its the former meaning (for me)... :(
Ah. English also has a meaning of "long standing adversary" or "regular rival" which is what I meant in general combining our multiple CM and FOG2 matches against each other. Although in our CMx2 game you really did suffer some horrible reversals. It should soon be over.
Kudos to you for marching on! Ein Prosit! :cheerso:
My Persians beat Poesels Byzantines 42 - 3. Thanks for the game Poesel!
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More like 26% - 59% @Wellsonian