Wrong Turn at Albuquerque

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US Scouts take a wrong turn – into the path of Russian armor!

This is a small scenario playable as Blue vs. AI only (not balanced for H2H, no Blue AI plans).  The player will have approximately a mechanized platoon against a substantially larger Russian mechanized force.  Depending on the player’s decisions, the AI plan, and of course luck, it can be a fairly difficult scenario.

Please note that the briefing and graphics for this scenario do not include specific objectives, point totals, or reinforcement information; instead, there is a “briefing within the briefing.”  The goal of this is to put the player “in the boots” of the Scout Section leader, and require them to develop and execute a plan that corresponds to their superior’s orders in the face of an unanticipated and uncertain situation.  However, objective and reinforcement information is included in the Designer’s Notes tab if you feel it necessary to peek.  The Designer’s Notes should therefore be considered to contain spoilers.

There are four AI plans and a number of viable courses of action for Blue to take, so the scenario should have some replayability.

 Map size is 1200 x 800, weather is daylight and clear.

Any feedback regarding this scenario would be highly appreciated.  Please comment here, the CMBS forum, or to e-mail at astanocmscens @ gmail . com.  Enjoy!



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7 thoughts on “Wrong Turn at Albuquerque

  1. I enjoyed this scenario. Very nice experience in real time. I liked the fact of not disclosing the objectives. I even truned off objectives on map. If one knows what to do in defence, it is quite easy to deal with enemy forces, even withou the helos.

  2. Topics says this is also for H2H, but text says it’s for AI only. Can someone change it to whatever is correct?

  3. I just played this battle. Excellent little battle with plenty of challenge.

    The scoring could be done differently as to results. But that is always a designer choice. It would be good to add points for unit losses to get more options as to results to ones play.

  4. Great small scale engagement, there was a lot of flexibility allowed and the forces were well balanced. Truly immersive, with lots of maneuvering firefights and plenty of great little stories.


    Starting out with the engineers and the HQ left at the farm and the sniper and javelin sections holding the town it became clear I was up against more than just a few scouts. Retreating the commander back to the church after losing the main gun on the Bradley, he picked up the Javelin and started doling out his revenge from the church spire. Two BMP’s and a T-72 later, he sat by helplessly as the Russians attacked his cut off engineer section at the farm. Setting up an ambush at the bend in the road leading in to town, the heroic engineer squad with the supporting Bradley managed to fend off the Russian attack even as the Squad leader was cut down by a BMP. Getting greedy after blunting the attack on the left flank, the engineer’s Bradley shifted right to engage the BMP’s attacking across the open field but was met by the incredible marksmanship of a BMP on the move, forcing the crew to bail out. I breathed a sigh of relief when follow-on forces arrived bringing fresh javelins and Bradley to rescue my force. Pulling back the engineer squad and rearming them with AT-4’s, they sat and waited for the Russians to enter the town and blunt their advance. The reinforcing javelins halted the Russian advance across the field while the snipers picked off any dismounts that were foolish enough to stick their heads up. The few BMP’s that remained met their fiery end at the hands of 1st section’s Bradley as they pushed down the road the engineers had retreating down. The Apaches arrived on station and they started their grim task of mopping up the survivors in the field. The sound of T-72’s was reported coming down the MSR and one of the Apaches was redirected to engage. One got through and wreaked havoc through my rear until a couple of brave scouts got a mobility kill at the cost of their lives. The re-tasked Apache soon finished him off and the battle ended in a US victory.

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