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The Ukrainian 63rd mechanized brigade is crossing the Ingulets river and trying to take Lozove village. Size medium 1312×1008(PBEM or Blue vs AI only).


27th May 2022
Time 06.25 hrs
Mission time 1 hour 30 minutes.
Weather Light Fog
Wind Light, From South
Ground Condition Very Dry

The Ukrainian army started The Battle of Davydiv Brid by crossing of Ingulez river and taking Lozove Village.


1st Battalion of 63rd Mechanized Brigade together with the 2nd battery from 406th Artillery Brigade need to break threw the enemy positions and
open the road for the 35th Marine Brigade advance.

Friendly Forces

Battalion HQ
1x Recon Platoon
1x Antitank Platoon
1x Grenade Launcher Platoon
2x mechanized companies with 3 squads on BMP-2 and 1x Tank platoon attached for each.
1x Mortar Battery


1x Battery of 155mm M777A2 howitzers.

Enemy Forces

The intelligence says there is one Russian Company on BTR-82A and one T-72B3 tank platoon from the 70th Motorized Brigade that are defending the positions in Lozove, still Russia can have some mortars to support the defenders.
The minefield is partially destroyed by friendly artillery.


The main goal is to destroy enemy forces in this region and capture two enemy defense lines in Lozov


The scenario is a recreation of the Ukrainian 63rd Mechanized Brigade assaulting enemy positions in the Battle for Davydiv Brid and it is not 100% historically accurate.

Created by Dmytro Gadomskiy

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