CMSF 2 Field Trials [Red-vs-Red]

Syrian Army attacking Uncon Fighters

05 MAY 2008 0615H – Latakia Region

Syrian Army BTR Company is approaching a farming village captured in the night by a band of fighters.

In the center of the village is a regional government administration center of vital importance to maintaining control in the region – it must be preserved and liberated at all costs!

Best played as the attacker.

Also well balanced for Head-2-Head (multiplayer).

Base game only – no modules required

1-hour on a 544m x 400m map

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Requires CMSF:2 version 2.04 or newer

Download latest patches from

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Author: Roter Stern

4 thoughts on “CMSF 2 Field Trials [Red-vs-Red]

  1. Not showing up for me when I place it in the Scenarios folder. Is it maybe showing up as another name in “Battles”?

    1. Scenario name (which is the same as the file name) is “RvR Field Trails”. If sorting alphabetically, look for it under the “Rs”, not “Fs”.
      “RvR” being the prefix for “Red-vs-Red” – an attempt to group similar scenarios together; similarly how some scenarios are prefixed with “NATO” or “UK”.
      Also, double check that you’re using the correct folder – Steam version of CMSF2 looks for the scenarios in:
      \SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Combat Mission Shock Force 2\Game Files\Scenarios
      Where as version looks for scenarios in
      C:\Users\your-user-name\Documents\Battlefront\Combat Mission\Combat Mission Shock Force 2\Game Files\Scenarios

  2. Yep — well familiar with the path (been playing CM games since CMBO and own the fully-upgraded version of CMSF). It’s sitting there in the right directory, and my game sees other scenarios around the file, but not the file itself. Would anything else impact whether it would show up?

    1. Version of the game seems to be the issue.
      This scenario was made in CMSF:2 v2.04 (Game Engine 4) – which, as far as I see, is the latest version of CMSF:2.
      Please make sure you do indeed have your CMSF:2 fully updated.
      Version 2.04 is the latest listed on –

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