The Barometer Points To Storm

November 23, 1944. The island called Gorbi has been used by the Germans as a way to keep control over the entrance to Archangelsk and Murmansk in the Kola region of northern Russia. Now when the situation for the Germans have changed it’s not of much use anylonger and the men stationed on the island are waiting to be transported away from it.

The Soviet forces are busy fighting in central Europe and the Baltic States and don’t have much experience of attacking an island. The US forces on the other hand have this experience from their battles in the Pacific Ocean and have been asked by the Soviets to take back this island for them.

Unfortunately for the men picked for this task it is now to be launched in late November. But although the weather might not be to the favour of the men it could still be in favour for the operation as the Germans hardly expect an attack this late in the year.

The barometer points to storm began with the idea to either make a huge scenario containing smaller versions of the Channel Islands, Guernsey and Jersey, and having a US battalion, or two of them, going on a mission to free those islands from the German occupiers or to make a scenario about the fighting on Saaremaa, Estonia, and have US forces do the fighting which actually was done by the Soviets.

But as I at the same time also wanted to make a scenario which wasn’t based on a historical map and battle, I decided to make this scenario of a battle on a Soviet island which was shaped like Gorbatchov’s birthmark.

The scenario can be played as Allies vs AI, Axis vs AI or H2H.

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2 thoughts on “The Barometer Points To Storm

  1. You have island combat in Europe if you have bought Fortress Italy as the base game is about the fighting on Sicily.

    If you mean fighting in a smaller island, there are maybe not so many scenarios of that. Unfortunately there’s of course no difference between this one and other scenarios as they’re all limited to the borders of the scenario map.

    But I’m glad you liked it and I hope it’s challenging enough for both sides.

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