CMSF Assault on Base 111 H2H/SP v1.00

***Transferred from the Repository***

This semi-historical scenario depicts Al-Nusras capture of the Base of the 111th Army Regiment during December 2012 as part of the Battle of Aleppo that is currently ongoing in Syria. There are two versions available: one balanced for Red vs. Blue SP and one balanced for H2H. The H2H version is only different to the SP version in that the attacking forces have significantly more firepower, otherwise they are identical. Both versions are includied in this download.

 Here is some background info:

The IRL location on stalite images (The colours are not 100% correct in this image. I used a different image of the same area for making the map):…645906066&z=15



  • CMSF Base Game
  • CMSF Nato Module


  • Mords Civil War Mod:

Special thanks to Erwin, Schmoly War, Aulette for helping me with testing and other stuff.

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