4 thoughts on “CMBN : A Slow Advance

  1. Hi!! your scenarios is very good and i wonder You’re using terrain mod
    plese the terrain mod let me know good-by

  2. Hi Guys… sorry missed this ,Aris HD Grass, Ramblers_trees&Bocage, Flesh-Subdued_TerrainV2release, Bill’s Ground_Grid, Kieme’s plough field without distortion… these are the ones I picked-out of the Z file. Hope that helps.

  3. Unfortunately this little scenario is not really my cup of tea. Your troops are under fire on turn one and the battle is setup such that it offers little room for maneuver, as if the attacker is supposed to be channeled on rails from ambush to ambush. The map is quite small and the German armor starts right down your throat. In addition your troops trickle in down a single road and are heavily out numbered.

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