TWC Ambush on Map A

Micro-scenario based on the Victory Games boardgame AMBUSH and Mission 1 “Bloody St. Mick.” Solo as American vs. the AI only.

Combat Mission is not designed for combat at the man-to-man level, and this scenario is not intended as a serious recreation of the game, which involved much more intricate role-playing elements which would be difficult to duplicate in CM. This scenario gives a brief taste of what a literal transcription of the map might look like at the described game scale of 10 yards to the hex. The spotting rules of the original board game were much more restrictive (i.e. units would hold fire to much shorter ranges) than in CM so attempting a straight recreation of the flow of the actual scenarios would be very difficult, if not impossible. Instead, the player is given a different challenge – maneuver a full-sized U.S. Army squad (broken down into several teams) and attempt to push off a small German force of equal size.


Map size: 256 x 208m

Game length: 30

American force size: Squad

Terrain type:Rural

Weather and Environmental conditions: Clear, Dry

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