CW – Wittmann’s Demise

The small but fierce battle that took place some 50 kilometers south of Caen in the fields and woods between the small Normandy villages of St. Aignan and Cintheaux on August 8, 1944 has become famous for two reasons.

First, it marked the death of Nazi Germany’s most famous tank commander, SS Hauptstürmfuhrer Michael Wittmann, holder of the Knight’s Cross with Oakleaves and Swords. Second, the battle was a pivotal moment in the next to last great British offensive in Normandy, Operation “Totalize.”

Playing The Scenario

First off you will need to patch your game to 2.00 to play this.

The READ ME contains full background info about this very famous (infamous?) action and is worth checking out before playing the scenario.

This scenario was primarily designed for play as German attacker Vs Allied AI Defender and all third party testing has been done this way..

There is an AI Plan for the German side but the AI does not do attacking as well as a human would. Still it’ll give you some fun – especially if you like KOing Tigers!

If playing against the Allies/Germans there are multiple AI Plans. German AI Plan 1 and Allied AI Plan 1 are the ones that best recreate the actual order and pathway of the attack. You can switch off the other AI Plans in the scenario editor.

Given the force balance it’ll also do for H2H. However, this is a historical scenario and the forces are not balanced. It’s a very tough call for the Germans (as it was in the actual event) so I’d suggest the better/more experienced/gung ho player takes the Germans.

There is an extensive thread on that covers different opinions on what actually happened in this action at the following thread:



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Author: George Mc
Treadhead peacenik with a fascination for recreating historical #armoured actions from the Eastern Front using Battlefront's Combat Mission.

6 thoughts on “CW – Wittmann’s Demise

  1. Great work!!! What a challenge! Really enjoyed this battle, with a wonderful map. When to sneak, and when to overwhelm was the critical decisions.

  2. Thanks Loren 🙂

    Glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for taking the time to post your feedback.


    1. Thanks Arjuna 🙂
      Glad you appreciate that side of the scenario as often that takes the most work! In this case I spent a heap of time checking out the background and the area the engagement took place in. The map is as true to life as I could make given the game engine limitations.


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