MG – Commandos in Telemark

Summer of 1943, Telemark (Norway)

You’re going to fly to Telemark with a group of paratroopers to sabotage a Heavy Water Plant.
The enemy send it to Germany to investigate for a strange and powerfull  weapon.

A different and exciting scenario, which demonstrates the possibilities of the map editor.
Only to play Allies VS AI



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3 thoughts on “MG – Commandos in Telemark

  1. What a cool scenario!!! Thank you! A good challenge. Used the given setup. British Minor Victory. While the port sabotage was successful, it was costly – lost the entire group there. Great map. Like the partisan participation. You put a lot of thought into this scenario, and I truly appreciate your effort.

  2. Just getting my hands back on CMBN. This scenario is really really cool. I also liked the cliff’s/Waterfall imagery done with the existing textures. Im impressed. And the mission is great

  3. I may be a bit late to the party on this since I just got back into Combat Mission, but is this based on the failed glider drop in Operation Freshman?

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