7 thoughts on “CMBN Merveilles à Merville (Assault on Merville Battery)

  1. Hi Rocketman.
    You never say WHAT special DLC or mods this scenario needs. I put it in my scenario folder and it does NOT show up on my start screen, so I can’t play it. I have BN, MG, and CW. Does this require the vehicle pack? I would guess so, because I don’t have that, and that seems like a likely explanation. I am also not playing 3.0 yet.

  2. I did not know what “DLC” was either. I was just quoting what the field says. And now I do see the sentence, “Requires MG and VP and is Allies vs AI only.” in the scenario description. So that is great. I guess I was expecting a specific line in the Grey/White table below the general description that says, “Scenario requires…” and then “VP” and “CM:MG” on the right. I may not have read the full description field closely enough. So now I have it. But I really DO THINK this info should be in the table below the description, because it is essential for people to be able to play it. Has anyone considered adding that field to the scenario descriptors?

  3. I did but believe it should be accessible enough for folk if those details are provided in the description and it puts the onus onto the scenario designer to explain a little about the scenario thus marketing it alittle better. In my opinion. 🙂

  4. Sorry for not posting a reply to the questions. I forgot to check. But it all seems sorted out. I did make a version that doesn’t require the Vehicle Pack. Only uploaded to GaJ so far.

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