CMBN Ez US Airborne-Patched Uniform_Normandy

This mod uses the airborne uniforms modded by “EZ.” I only made a minor tweak here and there, and added shoulder insignias and, insignias painted on helmets for some units. All credit for the fantastic uniforms goes to EZ.

This mod includes uniforms patched for the 82nd Airborne Division and its 325th Glider Infantry Regiment, and the 101st Airborne and its 327th Glider Infantry Regiment. Each division/unit folder has a variety of helmets and leggings, and includes EZ’s modded webbing gear.

This mod contains both olive drab and khaki uniforms for the Glider Infantry Regiments, which use the infantry uniform, not the parachute uniform.

NOTE: For those people that have my earlier patched uniform mods that weren’t based off of EZ’s uniforms, you may want to simply delete it/them except for the Armor Crew uniforms (because EZ did not mod those). All of my mods that use EZ’s uniforms have “EZ” in the title.

A big thank you to EZ for letting me use his uniforms.


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