CMBN TWC Canadian Airborne

These mods collectively tweak the historical accuracy of the stock artwork to better reflect the uniforms and insignia of the 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion.

Changes include:

* replacement of the U.S. Corcoran jump boots with the standard black ankle boots and web anklets. While 1 Can Para did receive U.S. jump boots, as well as different patterns of Canadian and British jump boots, photographic evidence suggests the most commonly worn standard footwear was black ankle boots.

* Each battalion in 6th Airborne Division was identified by a different colour of cloth loop on the shoulder strap; 1 Can Para wore a golden yellow loop, including on the Denison smock.

* Canadian pattern jump wings were worn on the left breast of the Denison smock, even in action.

* Parachutist trousers were not made from Canadian battle dress cloth, i.e. the greener wool found in Canadian BD. These were obtained in the UK from British sources. For this mod, the para pattern trouser was retained, but the colour of the wool changed to match the British battle dress more closely, and contrast with the Canadian battle dress blouse.

There are many good books on the subject of Canadian parachutist insignia and uniforms. Among the best is INTO THE MAELSTROM by Ken Joyce ISBN 978-1-894581-39-1, researched from primary sources and dealing in detail with uniforms and insignia.

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