CMBN US Paras Normandy Shell Dressing by JM Stuff

Mod part 05.

This is already a old mod but now he will be official on the CM MOD Warehouse

you will be able to use the Us Airborne infantry with Loose chinstraps from Airborne but on the samet time Glider infantry including famous shell dressing for the Elite.

I am happy to present you an overview to this typical silhouette us soldier from ww2.

This one will perhaps not be perfect but I put a couples of hours to do it, so
please try to enjoy it on the battlefield.

Big thanks to Damian Uniforms Mod included !

You have also some smokers figures

so this stay only as option


news camo Faces, reworked with some cutting hair
weapons straps
weapons skins
Amo pouch on m1.
Yellow gloves

Enjoy it !


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