CMx2 ScAnCaDe V2.2 By Mad Mike

Visit for an online overview of scenarios and campaigns for all the games. 
The website has been created with the help of CMx2 ScAnCaDe.

A tool that will create a sortable listing of all scenarios (btt files) in a given directory. The program will automatically read out parameters like battle size, date and time of day for the scenario, its duration, the weather etc. The resulting listing can then be sorted for these parameters.

A sortable listing for campaigns can be created as well. The tool will also extract the individual scenarios from a campaign, making them playable in CMx2 independently of the campaign and even allowing for changes in the Scenario Editor. The campaign script is visualised in the generated campaign listing, providing an overview of the connections between battles in a campaign.

Output will be generated as HTML-files, which can be viewed in a browser. An XML-file is also generated and can be imported to Excel, if further manipulation of the data is desired.

The tool works for:

o CMBN+CW+MG+VP+BP#1+BP#2 up to v4.04
o CMFI+GL+R2V up to v2.20
o CMRT+FR up to v2.13
o CMBS up to v2.18
o CMFB+DF up to v2.1
o CMSF2+MC+UK+NATO up to v2.06

A README with instructions on how to use the program is included in the .zip-archive.

Version History:

For v1.1, support of CMBN v2.10 as well as display of selected region information (France, Holland, Italy) for battles has been added.

For v1.2, only support for new versions (CMBN v2.11 / CMFI v1.11) has been added.

For v1.3, new versions CMBN v2.12 and CMFI v1.12 replace “old” versions v2.11 / v1.11. Also, correct reading out of scenario year information (1943 / 1944) has been added.

For v1.4, reading out and display of Modules required to play a campaign or scenario has been added.

For v1.5, processing of CMRT has been added, especially reading out of mod tag information for scenarios and of the new regions Soviet Union and Eastern Europe. A new feature is the displaying of campaign decision trees in the main campaigns listing. This feature is still under development, especially for the larger campaigns. But it will already work reasonably well for smaller campaigns.

For v1.6, support for the new versions CMBN v2.20 and CMFI v1.20 has been added. Both versions are sold as the “v3.0 Upgrade”.

For v1.7, support of the new CMBN v3.10 version (including the Vehicle Pack – VP) has been added.

For v1.8, support of the new versions for CMBN v3.11 as well as CMRT v1.01 to v1.03 has been added. Also, handling of cases where a scenario or campaign for CMBN requires either the Commonwealth module or the Market Garden module has now been added.

For v1.9, support of the new version for CMBN v3.12 and the Battle Pack#1 has been added. Also, support for CM Final Blitzkrieg has been added.

For v2.0, support of CMBS has been added (thanks to IanL for the additional programming). Also, support of CMx2 Engine Version 4 for all five games has been added.

For v2.1, support of CMSF2 with all its modules (Marines, UK and NATO) has been added. NOTE that only campaigns and scenarios created with CMSF2 will be correctly analysed / unpacked by ScAnCaDe. The older file format of CMSF is NOT supported.

For v2.2, support for CMFI Rome to Victory, CMRT Fire and Rubble, CMFB Downfall and patches for all titles.

Visit for an online overview of scenarios and campaigns for all the games. 
The website has been created with the help of CMx2 ScAnCaDe.

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