UA No One But Us!

This is a small map 640×360, play (PBEM or Blue vs AI only)


6th September 2022
Time 06.15 hrs
Mission time 25 minutes.
Weather Light Fog
Wind Gentle, From West
Ground Condition Dry

The Ukrainian army has started the full-scale сonteroffensive in the Kharkiv region.


1st platoon of 80th Air Assault brigade attacking enemy positions near Volokhiv Yar

Friendly Forces

Plt HQ
3x assault squads on BTR-70


2x 82mm mortars.

Enemy Forces

A Brigade UAV overflight identified at least 4 enemy vehicles, more likely its MT-LBs, and probably one infantry platoon.


Destroy the enemy forces and move further through the enemy lines. Don’t lose the BTR’s-70. The Russian minefield is wholly destroyed, but you have to be careful some mines can still be placed.


The scenario is theoretical recreation of the Ukrainian 80th Air Assault Brigade assaulting enemy positions in the Kharkiv Conteroffensive and it is not 100% historically accurate.

Created by Dmytro Gadomskiy

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