CMBS Tactical Operations Center

This is a fictional scenario that may take awhile to load depending on your computer.  This scenario makes use of supply dumps so must be played on Elite or Iron.

On August 31st, 2017 at 1300hrs the player takes charge of a Tactical Operations Center (TOC) located in a Forward Operating Base (FOB) for a four-hour shift.  The FOB is located in Ukraine in the vicinity of the forward edge of the conventional battlefield.  After months of conventional warfare the Russian Federation and NATO have fought to a temporary standstill.  A cease fire is in effect and negotiations are underway.  The conventional fighting has been replaced by guerrilla warfare as the Ukrainian government and Separatists attempt to improve their negotiating positions.  Apache Troop (Stryker) / 1st Squadron / 2nd Cavalry Regiment is conducting low intensity operations from the Forward Operating Base.

The player is responsible for the successful execution of the mission during his shift.  The scenario was created with the idea of being a sandbox, static campaign, in a counter insurgency environment.  It is a multi-battle scenario set on a large map (approximately 7.5 square kilometers) that, unlike a traditional combat mission campaign, shows persistent map damage.  So, as the player maneuvers a Quick Reaction Force (QRF) down a roadway in response to actionable intelligence he may drive past the burning wrecks of a mistake he made earlier or the scattered bodies of a Separatist unit he destroyed.  The scenario also provides multiple types of intelligence to help guide the decision-making process.  The types of intelligence are Human Intelligence (HUMINT), Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) and Tactical Site Exploitation (TSE).  To assist with the collection and disseminate of intelligence the FOB is equipped with a Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF), SIGINT shack, S2 shop and a UAV Operations Center.  HUMINT is collected from Separatist who defect under an amnesty program administered by the Ukrainian government.  The HUMINT intelligence is in the name field of defectors and includes an intelligence code, grid coordinates and time.  A quick glance at the intelligence code sheet (included in the briefing) allows the player to know what, where and when something is likely to occur.  Some intelligence is time sensitive.  The TSE and SIGINT are provided by touch objective notifications at the top of the screen and on the map.  This intelligence will be useful in bringing The Butcher of Belz (enemy commander) and his two lieutenants to justice and for disrupting Separatist operations.  The grid coordinates are created by a pattern of grid lines placed on the map using a blue occupy objective.  The grid numbers are displayed on the map edges using landmarks.  A brief explanation of this modified military grid system and how to use it is provided in the briefing.  The player can, if he decides to, launch an air assault during the setup phase.  There are four different landing zones to choose from.  Forward Operating Base (FOB) Apache has a Helicopter Landing Zone (HLZ) where reinforcements will arrive, and other units will exit from.  The FOB also has a mortar pit that will be resupplied with ammo both by air and by convoy if the roads and HLZ remain open.  Another feature included in the scenario is the ability to destroy base camps thereby preventing the Separatists from receiving their scheduled reinforcements.

Game mechanics of a Separatist’s Base Camp: All active base camps have a stationary security element.  An active camp has at least one maneuver unit assigned.  The unit leaves camp, conducts operations and then returns.  On the next scheduled reinforcement turn, the unit receives reinforcements that are assigned to the same AI group.  The unit then conducts another operation.  A Red force exit zone is in the camp but is blocked by a combination of no go terrain and barbwire.  The Red force maneuver unit’s movement path crosses the exit zone.  While the exit zone is blocked the Red force path finding AI goes around the exit zone.  Blue force can eliminate the camp by destroying whatever forces are present and using demolition charges to destroy the barbwire.  After the barbwire is destroyed all future red maneuver units & reinforcements will enter the exit zone eliminating the camp as a source of red units.  The only reliable way blue forces can remove the barbwire is with demo charges.  This compels blue force to enter and clear the camp instead of calling in artillery from a distance.


The following mods are not necessary to play the game but significantly add to the immersion.

Ukrainian / Pro Russian Separatists mod by Pquumm (digital uniform).

Kieme CMBS additional flavor objects. (civilian cars)

Kieme CMBS alternative crops. (farm field crops)

For info about the development of this scenario you can check the below BFC forum thread:

Below is a Word document containing the intelligence code.  This is also contained in the briefing however some beta liked to have a printed version.

TOC Intelligence 2

Below is a Word document containing an explanation of the grid system.  The explanation is also contained in the briefing.

TOC Grid Squares2

Thanks to the following Beta testers:





General Jack Ripper

Special thanks to Combatintman who provided technical support, proof read and patiently provided adult supervision.


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8 thoughts on “CMBS Tactical Operations Center

  1. Outstanding work. The amount of effort is really inspiring. Just what I needed to pull me back into CMBS. Just one small item… can you do something similar for CMSF2 once released? 😀

  2. Best CMBS scenario (and perhaps best CM2 scenario) I ever played. Designer MOS has evolved so many brilliant new concepts that exploit every nuance of what is possible to accomplish with the CM2 system. TOC plays like it’s from a brand new game and very much improved over the typical CM2 scenario.

    Disclaimer – I was a Beta tester for TOC and very much enjoyed spending maybe a couple hundred hours testing various Betas. I would not have volunteered so much valuable time had this not been such an outstanding project.

  3. If you think you’ve tried everything for the CM series, this is the scenario for you…..I guarantee it will surprise & impress you, even if you’ve been playing for decades (like me).

  4. I am only 13 minutes in and already I have had guys ambushed, a hit and run attack plus various decisions about who to send where and how to manage the limited road network for conflicting goals.

    So far a total blast.

  5. Just started playing… but, having a great time. Thanks for the great effort put in this. As Forest Gump would say, “I like it…. I like it a lot.”

  6. Fantastic scenario. Loved the way intelligence pushed the story forward. Really opened up the game for me.

  7. The mods that are in the above article aren’t available. Something about the drop box items have been removed.

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