7 thoughts on “CMBS Tactical Operations Center

  1. Outstanding work. The amount of effort is really inspiring. Just what I needed to pull me back into CMBS. Just one small item… can you do something similar for CMSF2 once released? 😀

  2. Best CMBS scenario (and perhaps best CM2 scenario) I ever played. Designer MOS has evolved so many brilliant new concepts that exploit every nuance of what is possible to accomplish with the CM2 system. TOC plays like it’s from a brand new game and very much improved over the typical CM2 scenario.

    Disclaimer – I was a Beta tester for TOC and very much enjoyed spending maybe a couple hundred hours testing various Betas. I would not have volunteered so much valuable time had this not been such an outstanding project.

  3. If you think you’ve tried everything for the CM series, this is the scenario for you…..I guarantee it will surprise & impress you, even if you’ve been playing for decades (like me).

  4. I am only 13 minutes in and already I have had guys ambushed, a hit and run attack plus various decisions about who to send where and how to manage the limited road network for conflicting goals.

    So far a total blast.

  5. Just started playing… but, having a great time. Thanks for the great effort put in this. As Forest Gump would say, “I like it…. I like it a lot.”

  6. Fantastic scenario. Loved the way intelligence pushed the story forward. Really opened up the game for me.

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