CMFB : The Road to Bastogne Campaign

Lead the powerful Panzer-füsilier-batallion from Führer-begleit-brigade during the Ardennes offensive. German Campaign with 7 missions.

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Author: Lille Fiskerby

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  1. Hello Guys !
    The Road To Bastogne doesn’t work on my PC… Do you have a solution ? Is The patch 1.02 downloaded at battlefront necessary ? Because it doesn’t work too !I downloaded many mods here, do you think there is a conflict with ?
    Thainks for your answer, and sorry for my English…

  2. To Joachim
    SPOILER !!!
    SPOILER !!!
    You can destroy one or more M10’s in Hunningen with artillery, get your FO-teams in observation positions in the Kninelsberg forest. You also have 11 Panzer IV.’s and a lot of panzerschreck teams to deal with them. Use the fog to close in on the enemy.


    This is a great campaign, but, in the Second Mission, FBB is too weak to impact the US left wing without suffering cohesion-destroying losses. The VG and five Stug IIIs aren’t going to push in the US right flank, either.

    I assume that the idea here is to grab some points and conserve for the next mission but do not get decisively engaged and do not try to take any US ground defended by combined arms.

    It sure is fun trying though! Better to make it too tough than too easy.


    I made the second mission very tough for a historical reason I explain it before the last mission. To capture OBJ Gelb and Schwarz take a few tanks and a infantry platoon
    down behind the OBJ’s. At Schwarz use inf. to take out the TD’s, come in from behind.
    To take out the armor on the Hunningen ridgeline use artillery if they dont get them
    take out the inf around the armor and move in with Panzerschreck teams. Thanks for all the comments.


    About the second mission: alternative – only use one platoon to touch OBJ Blau use one platoon from that company to prepare the attack on OBJ “secure left flank” and one platoon in reserve. Keep the StuG.’s in tight formation to support the inf. you dont have to use them against enemy armor. Again, open topped TD’s hate mortars and artillery.

  6. A truly FANTASTIC campaign! I have been very challenged throughout it. Thank you for all the hard work. Keep em coming!

  7. Usually you go to documents/Battlefront/Combat Mission/Final Blitzkrieg/Game Files and put it inside the campaigns folder you will be good to go.

  8. It depends on what OS you use windows 7 or 10 or whatever, try Computer/C:/Programsx86/Battlefront/Final Blitzkrieg and so on.
    You can also ask on the Battlefront Forum maybe they can help you.

  9. I’m going to try this one again. It is too well-done to abandon. I hope that the author can make another. This campaign is outstanding.

  10. Thank you for your comment Craig, sorry for your trouble in mission 2. I hope you win it this time. I am working on a new campaign but I dont know when it will be finished.

    1. Is there some way I could help you with your new campaign? Please make scenarios too if that would be more easy for you. You are a master artist working in this medium.

  11. I’m replaying it now and it might be the very best thing ever created for this game. Yes, it is very difficult BUT that means that experienced Head to Head players will find it a challenge. So everyone please give this a shot and most of all to the Author PLEASE one day grace us with another of your masterpieces. Thanks.

  12. Thank you for the kind words Craig. I only make campaigns now, I have made one scenario its called “No country for tanks” it is in the CMBN section here at CMMODS III.

  13. Please direct us to your next Campaign.

    Also, I noticed a designation of “W-SS” on some Fuhrer Begleit Brigade squads. If WSS stands for “Waffen SS” then I don’t think it is correct because the FBB soldiers were not Waffen SS but rather Wehrmacht Heer personnel.

  14. Little Fiskerby, I think the St Vith battle in this campaign would make a great stand alone scenario. Ever think of doing that?

  15. Sounds like a good idea but im working on a campaign at the moment, it will have to be sometime in the future.

  16. Hey the foy and recogne mission is bugged
    There is an objective for the US called “3” in which they get 2k points
    Even if I defend foy and the other town with no opposition I can not win

      1. I have done so
        The mission ends and the 3 objective is still triggered
        Is there any way I can get around it?
        Your campaign is amazing And I really want to finish it!

        1. SPOILER !!
          When you play the mission to the end and you get 2 x 250 points for Recogne and Foy you will win. No matter what happens the american team in “OBJ 3” will leave. The only thing that can change that is if you knock-out the entire assault platoon and the HQ panics and wont leave “OBJ 3” because he can hear over the radio that his platoon is wiped out, so dont destroy the M8’s. I have just tested the mission and got a german tactical victory, I only held
          Recogne !

          1. Yes that was what must have happened
            Can you show me where the “3” objective is I think I still have a few tanks to take it out

          2. If you place a waypoint in the southwestern corner and target 275-280 meter northeast from the waypoint into the wood, you hit a trail/forest road that is were the HQ team is.

        2. And remember their must be NO american troops in OBJ Foy and Recogne, just one enemy soldier in the OBJ at the end and you get 0 points for the OBJ.

    1. Same reply: You have to Play the mission to the very last minute. If you hold your objectives you will win. Disregard this comment its just a copy of the comment above.

  17. Alright cheers
    Ngl never though a girl would be interested in such a geeky game let alone one that can make mission on par with papetiger

        1. Ah OK, but its Lille and means small in danish (BTW fiskerby means seaside town, its a family joke and a stupid name) no I’m an old fart that just likes CM.

  18. I had a complete victory in the first mission. When the second mission begins I notice that none of the positions I had to take are occupied by German squads. Instead I am back to the starting positions.

    I maybe don’t meet much or any US troops on my way to those positions, but it would have been more accurate to start the second mission with at least a squad of Germans in both positions I had to occupy in the first mission.

    1. It is a fair point, AFAIR it is new units that take over from the units in combat in the first mission. But I could have moved the volksgrenadiere a bit further forward in the wood, its a good point you make.

  19. What is the difference of experience between the US and German tankers and soldiers in the second mission? The US tanks seem to be able to spot enemies several hundred meters through thick fog, while the German tanks and soldiers hardly can spot enemies two meters in front of them.

    1. The infantry has roughly the same experience on both sides. German tank crews are a little better in experience due to the fact that some of the tank crews came from the veteran Grossdeutschland division.
      The problem is that the american forces has been in the same position since the start of the mission and therefore know the terrain better than you, who is attacking and moving around.
      Call in artillery on those god damn TD’s, open topped vehicles do not like artillery. Try to use some squads to suppress with target commands while others attack.

  20. I don’t use target comand when I fight against the AI as I don’t think the AI really has the ability to do that unless prompted, but only shoots when it sees the human player’s troops. Using mortars on positions where I suspect there are US tanks will only prevent me from using them when I really need them. A pity I only have 90 minutes to fulfil the objectives. More time would have helped.

  21. Nah, it’s impossible. You’d have a point if there wasn’t fog for 90% of the mission and the entire US armored force wasn’t in a reverse slope position. There’s no way to spot for artillery without exposing your observers or platoon leaders to enemy fire. Also, even with open topped vehicles, artillery fire is atrocious at taking them out–you still need a direct hit.

    I’m sure the rest of the campaign is great. Shame I’ll never see it.

  22. Thank you for the GREAT work you put in here! Amazingly exciting! Wow, I’, blown away. Litterally… it was tough! 🙂

  23. Thanks Denny Å

    Especially the 2nd mission is extra tough but glad you liked it ! I had to change the St. Vith mastermap a lot, most in and around St. Vith but I think the maps was ok in the end.

    1. It is not broken, it has been tested before the campaign was released. I recommend using a earlier save from your campaign and try again.

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