CMBN Hermann Goering Division Uniform

This uniform mod affects Hermann Goering Division infantry. This version is suitable for Anzio scenarios where the HG Division took part during the winter of 44´.


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  1. This is inaccurate to the unit and time period. At Anzio and Monte Cassino, the HG troops were still wearing their summer uniforms and most helmets were overpainted tan or in a camouflaged scheme rather than blue . The jacket shown is a 1943 pattern SS “pea dot” feldbluse, which wasn’t issued to these troops at any time. While the Hermann Göring Division received some SS Palm and Blurred Edge smocks and helmet covers in France prior to their transfer to North Africa, but most troops wearing them were captured in Tunisia. HG replacement troops in Sicily and the Italian mainland were issued the Splinter pattern combat jackets but there was no accompanying helmet cover issued on any scale.

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