CMBN Plane Tree 5/6 Smock

I want to introduce you to the Plane tree Camo 5/6, was primarily used for sewing of camouflage smocks M42, in contrast to the Plane tree 1/2 (yellowish-green) and Plane tree 3/4 (light-green), this camouflage is even green summer foliage. As you noticed in the game we can see Plane tree 5/6 helmet cover, I think a similar smock will be a good addition.

You can use this smock as with my mods 12thSScamoMix and WaffenSScamo, or with the original game, for this read the “read me” file before installing.

P.S. For this mod I used photos of the original smock.

10.02.2013 update – correction skins of sleeves.

12.02.2013 update – second correction skins of sleeves.


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